What to expect

Preparing for your treatment

Before you visit please click here to see a copy of the consultation form I will ask you to complete when you attend. If you have any of the health conditions mentioned on this form please contact me prior to your visit to check that the treatment you choose is suitable for you. In some cases I may require you to gain consent from your GP or other healthcare professional prior to treatment. For pregnancy massage my consultation form is slightly different and you must seek approval from your midwife. Verbal approval is sufficient if your pregnancy is uncomplicated and low risk, however written approval may be required if you have existing health conditions or a high risk pregnancy. You may also wish to read my frequently asked questions or please contact me directly if you have any questions.

When you arrive

Upon arrival I will ask you to fill in my consultation form, which asks about your past and current health. This consultation is confidential and will ensure that there are no medical conditions that may make massage unsuitable. Please see my FAQ section for details on the medical data I collect and how it is stored and used. The consultation will typically take 10 minutes at your first appointment and then 5 minutes in any following sessions to update any change in your health. I will explain your treatment fully and give you a chance to ask any questions. I will then leave the room, giving you privacy to undress and make yourself comfortable on the massage couch. Large towels and blankets are used to cover the body, and only the area of the body which is being worked on will be uncovered to maintain your modesty at all times. 

During your treatment

I will help you to get comfortable on the couch using some support cushions. The couch is heated for additional comfort and relaxation, the heat level can be adapted to suit you or turned off if you prefer. I use natural cold pressed organic sunflower oil for body massage, which is high in Oleic acids and Vitamins A, D and E to leave skin feeling supple and moisturised, or an aromatherapy blend including lavender and rosemary to sooth muscles. Relaxing music will be played during the treatment to help you to relax and sink into the massage. Please feel free to ask for silence if you prefer.

After your treatment

​I will leave the room and allow you time and privacy to get up slowly, have a drink of water and get dressed. After leaving try and keep yourself warm and remain in a quiet state for as long as possible to feel the full benefit of the treatment. I will provide you with after care advice, for example it is advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment as it can help the body to flush out toxins.


​The length of your visit will depend on the treatment you select. Please visit the treatments and prices section to understand the length of your treatment and allowances for consultation and getting dressed afterwards. Please arrive on time for your treatment. Please avoid being too early as I do not have waiting room facilities. Please avoid being late as this will impact the amount of time available for your treatment.

Office visits

​I offer on-site massage therapy at your place of work and will tailor a package to suit your corporate needs, please visit on-site massage to find out more or contact me to discuss your individual requirements.


​Following your treatment you can pay using cash, gift voucher or by online transfer into my bank account - my bank details will be provided on request. If you have any other questions you can contact me or visit the Frequently Asked Questions.